Investment Company
Phase I: MORE Invest GmbH (Dec 2005 - Aug 2007)
Phase II: MORE Invest GmbH & Co. KG (Sep 2007 - Dec 2019)

Management Company
Phase I: MORE Invest GmbH
Phase II: MORE Invest Management AG

• Affärsstrategerna AB
• innoveas AG
• Pluravest GmbH

Investment Board
Phase I: initiators
Phase II: initiators and key investors

Target Investors
Phase I: initiators
Phase II: institutional investors and high net-worth individuals

Fund Size
• 7.500.000 € FuM (funds under management)

Investment Strategy
• minority stake
• investments starting at 150.000 € alongside with further capital leveraging partners
• "hands on" value coaching by us as lead investor
• flexible exit scenarios

Investment Criteria
• early stage / Seed (Phase I); second round investments (Phase II)
• experienced and committed team with outstanding entrepreneurial spirit
• strong IP-proposition and links to universities and/or research institutes
• international target market with substantial revenue prospects

Investment Focus
• life sciences / health care: medical devices, diagnostics, bioengineering
• environmental technologies
• ICT, enterprise software, 3D
• nanotechnology, sensors and instruments
• fuel cells, plasma

• 10 companies

*) Statements and figures as of Dec. 31, 2012.

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