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PDF 17.04.2007
Affärsstrategerna invests 7.4 M Skr in MORE Invest

The Swedish venture capital company Affärsstrategerna invests 7.4 million Swedish Kronor in the MORE Invest Fund.
PDF 03.03.2007
Private investment enables business start, OZ

Science Trust and MORE Invest - universities' money and private capital - join forces to finance new companies. Albutec, Arivis and Partmaster are three of the startups funded.
PDF 01.03.2007
Science Trust boosts Region, Wissensmeer

The Science Trust of Mecklenburg Western-Pommerania invests over one million Euros in the MORE Invest Fund to create new ventures. A portrait of the portfolio companies Albutec, Arivis, ARTCline, Materion, MORE Medical, Neuroproof and Partmaster is given.
PDF 22.10.2006
This is worth for all involved - Swede invests in MV, Blitz Greifswald

Swedish venture capital company Affärsstrategerna AB invests via MORE Invest Fund in startups. This not by accident, being the University of Greifswald the oldest Swedish college.
PDF 21.10.2006
Swedish investor encorages co-operation, OZ

During several visits to the Region, the Swedish Investor Claes-Göran Friedh, Chairman of the Seed Capital Fund MORE Invest, has acknowledged the quality of spinnoffs out of the University of Greifswald. Investments in high-tech start-ups are planned.
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