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PDF 08.09.2009
ARIVIS Software shows autostereoscopic 3D images without glasses

ARIVIS software now interacts with Tridelity's autostereosscopic 3D screens (no glasses needed). Medical images from MRT, CT, etc can be for the first time shown in real 3D at the Biotechnica exhibition. Ultrafast 4D rendering is also possible real time.
PDF 28.05.2009
Albutec's technology presented at the 55th ASAIO conference in Texas

Chairman Prof Stange presents Albutec's technology at the 2009 conference of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs. Albutec's Hepalbin filters remove those stabilisators from industrial albumin which may cause complications in liver failure
PDF 11.02.2009
Sensolute's micro-vibration sensor provides automatic wake-up

Sensolute's sensor houses a miniature gold plated stainless steel ball, which responds to any movement or vibration by bridging the internal contacts on the substrate material. Typical applications include sleep/wake-up signalling.
PDF 10.10.2008
MORE Invest offers sound investment approach in uncertain markets

BOSTON, PRNewswire - As global financial markets continue to suffer from the unpredictable and unstable economic worldwide crisis, institutional investors are looking closely at the German VC Fund MORE-Invest that projects significantly higher returns.
PDF 06.06.2008
MORE Invest speaks at the 3rd Biotech Breakfast

During the presentation of the German Biotech Report 2008 by Ernst & Young, Antonio Martinez-Arbizu CIO of MORE Invest will give an overview about high-tech investments in the Rostock Region and explain the ARTCline GmbH case.
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