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PDF 12.04.2010
Tridelity signs 3D partnership with two leading software companies

Award-winning TRIDELITY partners with two of the world's leading imaging software companies to use its 3D "glasses-free" screens for cutting-edge scientific and medical applications.
PDF 21.03.2010
Neuroproof ready to enter early alliances with CNS pharma

After reaching breakeven 2009 and maturing its unique neuronal-cells-on-chip screening platform, Neuroproof will enter early alliances with big pharma in the CNS market. Own discovery programmes will focus on Alzheimer, depression, anxiety and pain.
PDF 16.03.2010
Neuroproof releases leading cell-on-chip CNS drug screening database

NeuroProof's database with over 100 characterized substances containing precise electrophysiological action profiles released. NeuroProof is the world leader in the long term cultivation of primary neurone glia co‐cultures on MEA neurochips.
PDF 06.03.2010
MORE Invest speaks at the Technology Commercialisation Forum 2010 in Singapore

Prof Heydebreck with MORE Invest explains a crisis resistant venture capital investment approach at the Technology Commercialisation Forum 2010 in Singapore and takes part at the plenary session 'Investment Opportunities in Emerging Fields'.
PDF 03.03.2010
ARIVIS Software helps to elucidate Alzheimer

ARIVIS Browser helps to manage the enormous image data produced by high-resolution slide scans. These are used for the elucidation of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer, e.g. for the 3D quantification of tissue structures.
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